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An alternative souvenir

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about the souvenir object are the sevillanas figurines from the Ramblas. This is the problem summarized in one sentence. We don’t have sevillanas here, and Barcelona is not only the Ramblas.

In the globalized world we live in, where we have all the answers on Google and travel is cool, cities have become tourism brands claim.

The reality of cities has been simplified, reduced to 4 icons wich represents the place with the intention that the tourist consume them. And the turist, that usually already knows this icons before leaving their place of origin, look for them as if they were the only existing reality.

The souvenir and the traveler have been inseparable since ever. For the tourist is hard to resist to take a piece of his travel, the idyllic stage of his vacation, because somehow he wants to bring it to his everyday reality. The problem comes when what turist gets is just an icon that has been invented and put there for him. The souvenir therefore, doesn’t represents the place visited. And his memories neither. The souvenir represents the turism caricature.

For all that, my intention has been to imagine an alternative. And make it happen. I’ve created an invitation to the turist to go further: I make him the luggage to bring him the oportunity to chosse the part of the reality he wants to remember as a souvenir. The idea is formalized through a case where the tourist will find the necessary elements to capture a moment of his trip and take it home as a footprint. A kind of 3D photography that will allow the tourist to relive the moment printed just by looking or stroking the object.

The proposed souvenir works on a universal level and is not tied to any local identity. It is designed with the intention that the identity of the object is given by the tourist in an authentic way. If the tourist is who creates the souvenir, the object will be perfect for him and will represent his own memories. In short, my proposal is an object that can be thousand objects. An unfinished object that requires a subject to give it life. A ticket for the adventurous tourist to step on the local reality when travels and the opportunity to take a piece of that reality.