About me |


My name is Anna, I’m 28 and I’m from Barcelona. I studied product and graphic design throw the degree in Art and Design at the Massana School (UAB) and currently I’m studying a postgraduate degree in Product Development at Elisava School (UPF).

As a designer I understand the design from a multidisciplinary perspective; I like to combine different disciplines always depending on what needs each project.

I am rather conceptual when I desing; the first is “what”, and the “how” will arrive. And that philosophy where the limitations are to be overcome, is the most important for me.

I am very interested eco-design and social design, understanding the good design as a right for all, and as a good tool to highlight what is not working also providing a solution. This is my main motivation as a designer.

As a graphic designer I work on packaging design, web design and online marketing. Also I love product design because establishes a link between objects and people. We can percibe the objects through almost the 5 senses and in this way we are connected with the world in which we live.

I am a creative and hyperactive person open to proposals for starting or joining projects with creative and hyperactive people.

In this space you can know the project “Ready to print your own souvenir in just 3 steps?” which was my TFG when I finished my studies.

Anna Cánovas